Festival "Sunny Nights" in our Homestead.

In every August we are hosting a Sunny Nights festival. In 2019 it will be 12th time. This year the festival will be on August 22-25.


Sunny Nights festival is an ecological, noncommercial, conceptual festival, gathering like-minded artists, musicians and other creative people. We aim for every person who visits the festival to learn and discover something new. We do our best so that the festival participants experience even more new things and get creatively inspired every time. Each year, frequently unpredictable event activities aquire more and more forms of expression – many Lithuanian and foreign musical bands’ and artists’ performances, lectures and discussions on various topics, as well as a plethora of ECO ideas, unique creative projects, installations, dances, workshops, films, performance art and improvisation.

In the festival we pay more attention not to the genres of music, but the vibrations that that music emanates. Here you can hear many different musical genres: sung poetry (bards), rock, reggae, folk, bluesfunkpoprockalternatexperimental or even rap. Even so, all Sunny Nights festival musical bands and artists are encompassed by essential motives of musical positivity, good energy, honesty and a sense of community.

One of the main ideas of Sunny Nights festival is that every participant is at the same time an organizer. Many of the festival’s art spaces, performances, installations and etudes are thought up and materialized by volunteers and participants of the festival. Here everyone finds activities close to the soul: the athletic ones can compete in sport events, massages are done for those who want to relax; one can learn the arts of dancing or playing various musical instruments. You can also just listen to an interesting lecture near unique clay furnaces or having eaten RAW food that’s alive and green.

The festival takes place at a hundred-year farmstead and the apple garden around it. There is a small pond next to the territory, where everyone can swim after the heat in the mud/clay bath. This year we will continue art, music and love stories already for the 12th time. There is enough place in the homely farmstead territory for everyone – it’s filled with various spaces for people with differing tastes. You can choose between a Native American tipi, where tea rituals happen; a Native American sauna; chill zones under a tree, an arbour or on the hay; the new GEO-DOMUS cupola project, where various workshops and movie evenings occur; the mini stage, where lectures are read, performances are shown and people gather for musical improvisations; and also the big stage, because of which the Sun shines even during the night; as well as many others.

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